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The accumulated expertise in research generates professional services for industry, government and society. Our Industrial Design Center is a place where companies and organizations can challenge our experts in every step of the design process.

Professional DESIGNERS and manufacturing companies can rely on our IPO services to support their design activities and to increase the quality of their design process.

NON-DESIGNERS benefit our expertise too.  By injecting design competences into non-designers, we help them to tackle their challenges and design solution. ​Rely on our expertise to co-create products and services with an added value in the most efficient way. 


IPO.Service developed an wide range of services for both companies and organizations as well as teachers and schools.


A selection from our offer for COMPANIES and ORGANIZATIONS:

Workshop ‘INNOWIZ
During this hands-on workshop you will be introduced to the INNOWIZ creativity methodology and how to use it within concrete projects and challenges.


‘INNOWIZ’ brainstorm
During this custom brainstorm we will work on your personal challenge, guided by 2 Innowiz experts who will facilitate the session. Using personalized creativity techniques, we will end up with an innovative solution(s) that answers your initial challenge.

INNOWIZ brainstorm your place

INNOWIZ remote brainstorm         


‘INNOWIZ’ visual brainstorm
During this custom brainstorm, you will be supported not only by a process facilitator who will steer the brainstorm in the right direction, but also by a visual facilitator who will record the results of the brainstorming session by sketching.


‘INNOWIZ’ expert training 
During this 2-day training you will learn how to organize and facilitate a brainstorm with Innowiz and/or boost your current brainstorming-skills. We will introduce you to creativity and design thinking and support you with our expertise, tips and tricks to get started in your own business or organization.


Course ‘applied creativity’
During this training you will gain insight into how applied creativity works and how you can apply a creative mindset, which is essential for coming up with new solutions to a problem or opportunity, within your organization. This half-day training can be perfectly combined with a hands-on workshop innowiz.

Postgraduate Industrial Design Engineering
This is a postgraduate program for our best alumni in Industrial (product) design in collaboration with the industry.

It is an exclusive 10-month program, where students combine working and studying. While working on challenging design projects in a company, students get weekly management classes and personal coaching of external consultants. Resulting in both personal and professional growth.

Our ProtoLAB experts realize your prototypes, from virtual model to materialized product.

We offer workshops and training on the concrete use of machines and technologies (including 3D printing, laser cutting, water jetting, 2D or 3D milling) and techniques (including foam shaping, lacquering, polyester, silicon casting and thermoforming). In addition to workshops and training courses, students and teachers can also visit the IDC factory for questions about materials, the (joint) development of prototypes, etc.
IDC houses a broad range of prototyping techniques, from traditional methods (wood, metal, synthetic materials, composites…) to high-end techniques (3D printing, vacuum casting, laser cutting, thermoforming…). In addition to this, we can provide electronics solutions.

A selection from our offer for teachers and schools: INNOWIZ voor SCHOLEN



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