At Howest - Industrial Product Design it is our ambition is to teach our students to design the right thing right. We aim to prepare our students for the real world by:

  • offering students real-life cases with clients and industry

  • stimulating entrepreneurship and start-ups

  • making each student a co-owner of their education program

Above anything else we want our students to apply design thinking to their own lives.


Our students are your source of creativity!  Collaborate with our students during:

  • Design assignments

  • Project weeks

  • Internship and thesis

  • Masterclass

We not only have a Bachelor in Industrial Productdesign  & Interior Design,

You can also take life long learning courses as  Syntra, Masterclass or Postgraduate at our Industrial Design Center.

We also provide support to schools and companies to conceive, develop and realize your ideas with INNOWIZ.


SEPTEMBER 9, 2022 
5:00 pm – 8:30 pm