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IPO represents 25 years of experience in product design, innovation and creativity. Our expertise ranges throughout the design process. We are your partner from the fuzzy front-end to setting up a pilot run, from short term professional services to long term multidisciplinary research projects. 

We love uncertainty, complexity, en ambiguity. 

Today’s industrial design challenges are more complex than ever because they are part of complex societal, technological and environmental systems. IPO conducts research & development within the field of future industrial product design and its societal boundaries. Within the IDC we aim to create a collaborative ecosystem for innovative changemakers that make meaningful products and services with added value! 


We love to build, test and learn.  
Every research project contains an iterative ‘research through design’ philosophy. Our main instrument is case-study based research to study a contemporary phenomenon within a specific context. We place every project in a real-life environment and create new knowledge through the interaction with prototypes. We believe that the expertise of citizens, industry, government, scientists and designers should be valued equally. 


We love to trigger, spark and provoke.  
IPO.Research continuously invests in the design of an open-ended and transdisciplinary methodologies, that allows for personalization for/by the product designer and at the same time allows all stakeholders to communicate in the same language during the project. The practice based synergy between industry, education en society leads to the materialization (digital or tangible) of research results and validate new possibilities for future directions and adaptations. 


Within IPO.Research there are three areas of expertise that can be applied throughout the roadmap: 


Design thinking & Applied creativity  
Initiating design competences with non-designers stimulating open and multidisciplinary collaborations. As there are more problems in the world that only professional designers can cope with. 



Prototyping & Technology materialization 
Supporting professional designers and scientists with their innovative design activities, and as a result increase the quality of their integral design process. As building things 
Proto XR, hy4dense, REAL:PRINT… 

Human & Sustainability driven innovation 
Developing context-specific and personalized tools for  profit and non-profit organizations to facilitate co-design processes on social relevant challenges with the aim to build meaningful and responsible products through dialogue.  

Makerhealth, RE-f-USE LAB,… 

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