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"Unique tool for research and / or design projects in the classroom"


ONO, in Dutch short for Onderzoek en Ontwerp (Research and Design), is a tool that helps secondary school teacher teams to conceive, organize and implement unique, challenging projects tailor-made to their students.

Within secondary education, there is a great focus on investigative and design learning. For many teachers this requires a different didactic approach. 
They need to find the balance between (1) closed projects where teachers direct the students in a specific direction and (2) open projects where the teachers cannot predict exactly how the project will develop. By thinking carefully in advance about the different goals and the actions that must be used to achieve these set goals, teachers (teams) can guard the boundaries in which students can operate.

By means of the ONO board and the goals action cards, the tool provides a clear visualization of the entire research and design process. This encourages teachers to engage in a dialogue about the goals to be achieved, the actions that can be used for this and the degree of autonomy.
Furthermore, the tool also offers the possibility to easily adapt projects to the needs of individual students, in this way each student can be challenged at his or her level. This not only increases motivation and well-being, but also leads to maximum learning efficiency.



PWO (Howest) - Verfrissend STEM

01/02/2017 - 31/08/2019

# design methodology & applied creativity



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