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Next to our professional bachelor Industrial Product Design, we also provide learning programs for professionals. 


These courses are designed for our recent alumni industrial product design or for the working professional (alumni and other creatives).

A selection from our offer:

Postgraduate Industrial Design Engineering 

This is a postgraduate program for our best alumni in Industrial (product) design in collaboration with the industry.

It is an exclusive 10-month program, where students combine working and studying. While working on challenging design projects in a company, students get weekly management classes and personal coaching of external consultants. Resulting in both personal and professional growth.

Postgraduate Strategic Experience Design

This program started from the idea ‘change by design’, with which we want to trigger entrepreneurial behavior. Intrapreneurship (entrepreneurship withing an existing organization) will only grow in importance. People who do both operational creative work, but who can also do hands-on design work for tomorrow's structures, processes and markets, are profiles of the future.

This program is designed for product designers or creative people in general who aim a more strategic role within their organization.


Kleine maakseries

The objective of this course is powerful: to empower small series production in start-ups or entrepreneurs where we bridge the gap between art, craft, creativity and industry.



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