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“Demand-driven research and added value exploration forthe use of XR (Virtual and Augmented Reality) inProduct Development”


Product development companies and design departments of manufacturing companies are increasingly confronted with the challenges of a shorter product life cycle and increasingly complex products and production processes. Think of smart products, integrated electronics, new materials and production processes... This means that the development of new products has become a very complex and often highly multidisciplinary process.

A shorter time-to-market or high customer requirements regarding configurability or personalization of products also put a lot of extra time pressure on these development processes.

During the ProtoXR project, we investigate how a designer can be enabled to set up useful XR applications (VR: Virtual Reality, AR: augmented reality, MR: mixed reality) within and / or to support the design process.

The aim is mainly to accelerate and / or simplify these processes by supporting information transfer and knowledge building in a digital way without loss of quality.

The software to make such applications operational are mostly game-tech based. Setting up specific applications for this often requires programming work and algorithmic thinking. Not necessarily skills that a product designer immediately masters. In addition, the conversion from a CAD environment to interactive 3D applications is also sometimes a challenge.

During this project we therefore want to look for solutions in which we can set up the use of digital tools tailored to the design process.


PWO (Howest) - ProtoXR

01/02/2021 - 31/01/2022


# prototyping & technology materialization


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