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"Material, Connection, Processing and Product"


The PWO Shaping Matter wants to enable our target group (companies and students) to discover and implement new 'material solutions' and 'process applications'. To do this, IDC will develop a Material & Ideation Library that shows a wide range of standard and new innovative regional and international materials and solutions. 

The Material & Ideation Library provides information about price, company and ecological impact in the material groups textile, plastic, wood, metal, ceramic, stone and glass. IDC chose to go beyond the material. This results in a Material & Ideation Library with four categories: Material, Connection, Processing and Product.
Some materials are in stock at the IDC shop to facilitate experimenting, prototyping and production in the IDC labs and studios. This should allow both students and companies to get started with these materials in the Mini-factory and realize tangible product innovations.

The Material & Ideation Library can be found throughout IDC, this creates a cross-fertilization between the different educational modules, inspires visitors and companies to innovate and helps to realize the research objectives of the Industrial Design Center.

# prototyping & technology materialization


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