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How are you creative


Innovation is the result of a creative process. With INNOWIZ every student, teacher or team can shape their own creative paths. We provide support to conceive, develop and realize your ideas.

INNOWIZ approaches creativity and its' integration as a personal skill: practice makes perfect. The question is not 'how creative are you' but 'how are you creative'!

Count on INNOWIZ for:

  • coaching & training of teachers and school management

  • workshops & lectures about applied creativity,

  • creative tools

“Het is een meerwaarde voor om het even welk projectwerk in groepen in middelbaar onderwijs, zeker nu er ook een Nederlandstalige versie bestaat, wij zijn fan.”

 Coaches van STEM Onderzoeken & Ontwerpen 3de graad in het Don Boscocollege te Kortrijk 


Innowiz (Innovation Wizard) combines a four-step-method with a wide range of inspirational techniques. This gives the opportunity to tackle your challenges most efficiently!

On the one hand we help the creative people, the designers, the developers by bringing structure to a creative session.
On the other hand we trigger companies, researchers, organisations and students by giving them inspiration while tackling a challenge within their company or organization.

You can personalize your own creative adventure with  our four-step-method by using different creativity techniques. This is how we ensure you that the creative progress of your project evolves most efficiently.

By consistently and iteratively running through our four-step-method you are guaranteed a better implementation and realization of good solutions.

To clarify the process, we gave every step its own colour and icon. This way you quickly recognise which technique is helpful in each stage of the four-step-method. Each stage has its own mindset you can apply to hit a higher successrate.

This makes every creative process transparent and tangible. Our method makes you experience the process using the next four steps:




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