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#105 Innowiz visual brainstorm @ your place

#105 Innowiz visual brainstorm @ your place

  • custom made Innowiz brainstorm
  • 3,5 hour interactive brainstorm using innowiz tools
  • 1 process facilitator & 1 visual facilitator
  • hands-on with a personal case
  • maximum 12 participants
  • transportation cost is not included

    The customized Innowiz 'visual brainstorm' is a session facilitated by two Innowiz experts focused on your personal challenge.
    Together with the expert you will define your problem allowing the expert to map out your needs. After the problem has been defined, Innowiz facilitates your personal brainstorm session for up to
    12 participants.
    It is important to have the right stakeholders present at the 3,5 hour brainstorming session.

    The process facilitator focuses on supporting and ensuring the session runs smoothly, while the visual facilitator turns your ideas into images. This visual support helps participants to communicate, to understand each other, make ideas concrete and tangible, boost creativity & also ensures that information is processed faster & sticks around longer.

    Once the session is finished, the Innowiz experts take the output of the brainstorm and captures it into a document. You will not only go home packed with inspiration and ideas, but also with tangible drawings of your favourite solutions.

    We will contact you by phone for practical arrangements: date, place and custom-made content. This price excludes transport and extra tools on demand. Do not hesitate to mail us for practical information in advance.


    You can order a product by adding it to the Cart and proceeding to Checkout. 

    You will receive a telephone call within 48 hours to arrange a personal take-in and payment.

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