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Within the framework of MyMachine Flanders, three educational levels realize “dream machines” during one school / academic year.

1. Idea: Primary school children invent a dream machine.

2. Design: Higher education students develop a concept for this.

3. Working prototype: Students of technical secondary education build a working prototype of this dream machine.

Step 1-2-3 in the MyMachine methodology are not separate steps. On the contrary. The whole process is based on co-creation, collaboration between students of all levels of education working together as equals.

When United Nations honored MyMachine Global  with the World Summit Award in Monterrey, Mexico, it became clear that the goals and values ​​that MyMachine addresses are universal. It was the starting signal for an international challenge, completely outside the scope of the rollout in Flanders. As a result, MyMachine vzw has started developing a license portfolio.

Today MyMachine is active in Belgium, Slovenia, Portugal, France, Slovakia, Norway, South Africa and USA.

# design methodology & applied creativity

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