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Design your own unique project tailored to your students!

Are you a teacher and looking for a hands-on approach to work in a project-based and integrated way?


With ONO, short in Dutch for Onderzoek en Ontwerp (Research and Design), we have the answer!

ONO is the result of two research projects "Refreshing STEM" and "STEM: the letters beyond ...". Through Design Thinking, the context and needs of the Flemish teachers (teams) were framed and analyzed, various ideas were generated and elaborated into various prototypes. This iterative process resulted in the design tool ONO.


ONO is a (Dutch) tool that supports teacher teams in conceiving and organizing unique challenging projects / series of lessons tailored to the needs of the class.


The strength of the tool lies in making the process "tangible", which leads to constructive discussions about how meaningful experiences can be built and how these contribute to achieving the intended learning objectives.

ONO stimulates teachers to step out of their comfort zone, to organize projects in a different way and to give their students more ownership of the learning process where possible.
The result: innovative, well-thought-out projects tailored to the class.


For detailed information, example projects, tips & tricks, workshops & training...  go to the website

Future plans
The next two years we will further optimize our design tool ONO and we want to create a professional learning community between teachers, teachers and companies etc.


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