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Prototyping is a process in which a working model or prototype is developed for the purpose of testing the various design aspects, such as features, ideas, viability, functionality, output and performance. Prototyping can help streamline the design process.
Let's prototype and make stuff!

Our PROTOLAB experts realize your prototypes, from virtual model to materialized product.

IDC houses a broad range of prototyping techniques, from traditional methods (wood, metal, synthetic materials,

composites…) to high-end techniques (3D printing, vacuum casting, laser cutting, thermoforming…). In addition to this, we can provide electronics solutions.

We have trusted partners for what can't be done in house. Thanks to this unique blend PROTOLAB experts can support your needs in each step of the design process.  ​

​ “At Holst Centre (a collaboration between IMEC and TNO) we create cutting edge technologies and electronics, but need a partner to help present these as a demonstrator. 
From simple displays or mock up boards, to complex housings or really outside the box tangible solutions for our abstract ideas or electronics applications at times.
IDC is a great partner for these.” 

Raghu Pendyala (Holst Centre)




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