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Innovation is the result of a creative process. With INNOWIZ every company, organization or person can shape their own innovation paths. We provide support to conceive, develop and implement your solutions. Your ideas have never been this close to realization!

INNOWIZ approaches creativity and its' integration as a personal skill: praces makes perfect. The question is not 'how creative are you' but 'how are you creative'!

Satisfied clients: Flanders DC, In Flanders Fields Museum, Leiedal, Liften Coopman, Imec, Renson, Proctor & Gamble, Hogeschool Gent, Reynaers Aluminium, Novy, Scarabee, Samsonite, Pilipili, Televic, Voka, Holst Centre, Atlas Copco, Davidsfonds, Designregio Kortrijk, Recticel, Stad Kortrijk, Creax... and many more.

Partner with INNOWIZ for:

  • facilitated brainstorms & co-creation sessions,

  • coaching & training of personnel,

  • workshops & lectures about design thinking or applied creativity,

  • creative tools


"The collaboration with IDC resulted in a workshop that was well structured and was a right mix of
hands-on experience and knowledge transfer."

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