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Tetra REAL:PRINT started!

REAL:PRINT, an applied research project at IDC, is funded by the Flemish Government with its primary goal to support companies in the manufacturing industry to print the most realistic prototypes.

Challenged by 8 companies with a plastic product portfolio, and accompanied by experts in plastics, along with 4 engineering bureaus, we aim to progress in two phases:

  1. Print existing products to measure the difference between 3D-prints and injection-molded parts.

  2. Prototype 4 new concepts that can reduce time during the engineering & validation phases.

There is one more thing: this time it's all about 2K injection molding parts in flexible and/or recycled plastics, using Pellet Additive Manufacturing (PAM) - or Fused Granulate Fabrication (FGF) 3D-printing - as the chosen technology.

We still have 2 availables seats for industrial partners. For more information, please contact Dries Laperre.


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