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D2M (Design to Manufacturing) is an unmissable networking and demonstration event that brings together the entire manufacturing industry. The event was held for the first time in 2022 and got off to a flying start, welcoming no less than 1,832 design, manufacturing and machine building professionals, as well as 189 creative/tech students.

With the support of powering partners such as Howest Industrial Design Center and Agoria, the team of organisers of Industrialfairs (which organises 5 Belgian technology trade fairs) is now getting ready for a new edition of the event in 2024. This one is set to take place on Wednesday 27 and Thursday 28 March 2024, at Kortrijk Xpo.

The shift to an Industry 4.0 model and digital transformation are currently happening at an increasingly rapid pace. This means that all business units (which, until recently, used to operate as independent entities) of a future-oriented manufacturing company will soon transform into one interactive and agile ecosystem. The customer of tomorrow wants to do business with manufacturing companies that have a strong online presence and enable rapid design configuration and ordering, with a short time-to-market, well-organised supply chains and flexible stocks.

In short, the new value chain of the smart manufacturing company requires a dynamic and digital integration of all relevant processes combined with the use of innovative production and design techniques. From Design to Manufacturing (D2M) provides solutions to address all the challenges involved in this new landscape, bringing you a wide variety of exhibitors offering their services to all links in the chain.


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