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#12 LECTURE @your place €745

  • custom innowiz training: methodology and skills

  • 3 hour interactive course and exercises

  • included: innowiz tool #001

  • maximum 16 participants

  • transportation cost is not included in price

During the innowiz lecture you will be taught the different attitudes and the necessary skills in an interactive way. You will push your boundaries: a chaotic person will find structure, wheras a punctual user gets inspired. In this 3 hour workshop, we bring you these topics in an accessible way, so you can immediately translate them into your own (work) environment. The theory is mixed up with short exercises, testimonials and mind triggers. The workshop can be organized for groups up to 16 people.

We will contact you by phone for practical arrangments: date, place and custom-made content. This price excludes transport and extra tools on demand. Do not hesitate to mail us for practical information in advance.

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