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yearly IDC membership

yearly IDC membership


Become a partner, get your IDC Membership and access our 2000m2 Makerspace!


What’s included for 540 € / year?​

  • Open work space

  • Access to machinery

  • Handtools

  • Access to IDC shop

  • Access to reservation tool

  • Access to material & ideation library

  • Intake and personal tour

  • Free support (10 mins machine set-up)


What’s not included?​

  • Rent of advanced prototyping machinery, see website for the advanced machinery (**) and dimensions
    (Precondition: software knowledge)

  • Machine training or professional prototyping services and consultancy (58,5 € / h)

  • Consumables/resources like filament & resin

  • Personal insurance

  • Rent of labs & studios

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