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#010 Innowiz inspiration guide for online brainstorming

#010 Innowiz inspiration guide for online brainstorming

  • hands-on inspiration guide for online brainstorming 
  • free online pdf
  • only available in Dutch

    In this inspiration guide we map out the most important challenges for facilitating an online brainstorm and give a number of hands-on tips & tricks to tackle these challenges.
    By doing so, we want to help research groups, non-profit organisations and companies to get the most out of every online brainstorming session. 


    This inspiration guide is meant for everyone who: 

    •  wants to gain insight in the course of an online brainstorming process, 
    •  is in need of tips & tricks to: 
      • lower digital barriers;
      • avoid cognitive overload;
      • stimulate creativity within an online setting; 
      • create an emotionally safe environment between unknown individuals; 
      • encourage and maximize the input of all participants. 

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