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In the LIGHTLAB you can execute light measurements under guidance or independently.

The LIGHTLAB houses a photogionometer that translates the measured data to '.ies'- and 'ldt'-files that can afterwards be used in simulation software, such as Dialux and Relux.

Also, reflection / transmission equipment is available to measure important material characteristics for diffusers and coatings and basic tools like lux- and colorimeters.

Our light experts can support you with the design, engineering and prototyping of light fixtures and the integration of light in smart products.

Satisfied clients: Modular Lighting Instruments, Brick in the wall, Ledlab, Moebius Design, BIS lighting, …

Make an appointment for a tour or questions about:

  • light measure equipment and light studies

  • realization of prototypes,

  • (guided) use of infrastructure,

  • consultancy and research,

  • workshops ‘light design’ (also suitable for education)

  • lectures ‘the base of light technology’


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