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IDC is on a non-stop exploration for design and innovation challenges from industry, government and society. 


Partner with our researchers for:

  • Short & long term research & development projects

  • Regional, national and international

  • ‘TETRA projects’, PWO, KMO feasibility studies...

  • Interreg, Horizon2020, ESF...


Our global aim is to support professional designers, companies and institutions with their innovative design activities, to enhance the quality of their integral design process and final product, and this from the fuzzy front-end to setting up a pilot run. 

Every research project is conducted within the vision of 'research through design‘, where we make use of case-based research to study phenomena within their context.

 IDC puts each project in a realistic environment and generates new knowledge and insights through interaction with prototypes

The core of each research trajectory conducted at IDC can be linked to one of more aspects of product design: use, shape, function, material, production or the mutual interaction between these aspects.

This focus and structure is closely linked to education where the same aspects determine the core the curricula.

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