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Pollen PAM

Pollen PAM Series P – High Temperature

Pollen offers with it's new PAM (Pellet Additive Manufacturing) series, industrial 3D Printers for genuine performances. It's possible to process directly raw industrial grade materials for highest quality output with unmatched parts performances. It creates faster returns by using the exact same materials for prototyping and production. It uses injection grade materials tailored for your industry with existing certifications: flame-retardant, skin and food contact, conductive…

  • 3 extruders for 3 combined materials

  • Shredded (recycled) plastics compatible

  • Maximum working temperature 450°C

  • Heated build platform 150°C

  • Maximum build volume: cylinder 300x300mm (ØxH)

  • Minimum Z-layer height 40µm

  • XY resolution 0,1mm

  • Nozzle diameters: 0,25-2mm


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