IDC conducts research & development within the field of industrial product design. The overall goal is to support professional designers in manufacturing companies and organizations with their innovative design activities, and as a result increase the quality of their integral design process. In each stage of this creative design process, we use and develop context-specific and personalized tools to facilitate professional designers and their stakeholders to create valuable and qualitative products in an efficient manner.


In addition, IDC also focuses on initiating design competences with non-designers, to address social relevant challenges and to approach them by stimulating open and multidisciplinary collaborations..




Every research project contains an iterative ‘research through design’ philosophy. Our main instrument is case-based research to study a contemporary phenomenon within a specific context. We place every project in a real-life environment and design and build new knowledge and insight through the interaction with prototypes.
The synergy between industry and education leads to the materialization (digital or tangible) of research results and opens up opportunities for new services towards a network of companies, organizations and their designers.

Design strategy, architecture and sprints


IDC invests in the design of an open metho-dology, that allows for personalization for/by the product designer and at the same time allows all stakeholders to communicate in the same language during the project.
Within IDC there are three areas of expertise that can be applied throughout the roadmap:

  • Design thinking & Applied creativity

  • Prototyping & Technology materialization

  • Human & Sustainability driven innovation